crochet projects

In 2020, one of my closest friend introduced me to the world of crochet, setting the stage for a transformative journey. Somehow I never picked up that crochet hook again until April 2021 when I started my first own crochet project. 

Despite its divergence from my initial vision, I cherished it, wearing it proudly to the Pandora Ibiza Festival event in May 2021 i got invited to. Extending my stay on the island for my inaugural solo trip, I created my very first crochet skirt.

I paused my creative pursuits for a little while during the winter months of 2021. But nevertheless, in May 2022, I sensed an unexplainable resurgence of inspiration and picked up my crochet hook once again. This rekindling led me to release my debut crochet tutorial on YouTube in June 2022, leading to an increasing delight in crafting my own garments.

This gradual evolution led to an unexpected culmination in May 2023, when my YouTube channel somehow organically transformed into a heaven of crochet tutorials that are on trend and in style. With each video, I conceptualized, designed, and meticulously crocheted pieces that had initially existed only in my imagination.

And so after a few months I have designed & created my own lil collection handmade with love by belina. Each stitch, each video, each piece of this collection encapsulates my ardor and commitment to the artistry of crochet.