about me

Hi, my name is Belina. I finished my 'Abitur' in 2021 and since then I'm a full time content creator on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest. Welcome to my lovely, little corner of the internet where I bring you into my world filled with creativity and the things that I love most.

My digital journey is the perfect representation of my day-to-day life. Whether I'm renovating an apartment on my own, falling in love with interior design, embracing the latest fashion trends, capturing the beauty of life and travel journeys through my lens, you'll find it all here.

Life is an ever-changing canvas, and so is my content. I believe in embracing the spontaneity of each moment, allowing my content to evolve organically with the flow of my passions and experiences. From moving to a differenet city to travelling to the other side of the world, I love bringing my community along on every twist and turn of my journey. 

Currently, my hands are busily working away as I am falling more and more in love with crocheting my own clothes. One of my closest friends taught me how to crochet a few years ago but somehow I never touched a crochet hook again till a year ago. And thats when I started to design and create my first own clothing pieces. There's something incredibly soothing about turning a ball of yarn into a masterpiece of stitches, and It is the best feeling ever to share my progress and tutorials with people that share the same passion. 

But what truly makes this adventure worthwhile is the incredible community that has grown around it. The support, comments, and shared excitement fuel my drive to push boundaries and explore new horizons. Even through a hard time in my life I tried to always see the positive and share my story to maybe help someone else with it. I got the opportunity to work with so many amazing brands and meet so many lovely people in the past few years that I never could imagine.

Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazing brands and work together with and for wonderful individuals—something I could never have imagined. Every campaign is not just an opportunity but a canvas for me to blend my creativity with the essence of the brand. What excites me the most is shaping campaigns that seamlessly intertwine with my distinctive style, resulting in visuals that are not only striking but resonate authentically with my audience. This intersection of brand collaboration and personal vision encapsulates my passion for content creation and will always be my favourite part about working together with and for brands.

So for whatever reason you came to my website to read this mini story about me; I invite you to join me on this ever-unfolding journey. Let's celebrate the art of living, the beauty in imperfections, and the sheer joy of creating something uniquely ours.

Thank you for being a part of my story.

xx belina bellwood